1. You Wouldn't Like Me
    There's nothing to live for when I'm sleeping alone. And I wash the windows outside in hopes that the glare will bring you around
  2. Take Me Anywhere
    You say you don't see any part of me. To love in all this mess and I know You take the good and all the bad that comes with me
  3. I Bet it Stung
    Don't get so uptight
  4. I know I know I know
    Stick your hands inside of my pockets. Keep them warm while I'm still here. Tell them this love hasn't changed me, hasn't changed me at all. Last night I was writing about you I know my screaming and shouting won't keep you
  5. Where Does the Good Go
    It's love that leaves and breaks the seal of always thinking you would be real happy and healthy, strong and calm.
  6. Downtown
    I just can't get it straight you see and oh well. That distraction inside of me, oh well I just can't get it straight you see and oh well
  7. I Won't be Left
    I won't scream in my head and let it isolate me I won't be left dancing alone to songs from the past
  8. Walking with a Ghost
    I said please, please don't insist
  9. So Jealous
    How can they ask why I feel so angry? Do you see my problem if I never explain it? But then there's you asking me how long say something, it's taken me so long
  10. Speak Slow
    Break down plead your case I don't know what to say. I leave my heart all this pain and now I'm at it all again On these streets that I leave for weeks on end who's to blame. When you want love doesn't matter what you're looking for
  11. Wake Up Exhausted
    We're strangers, we're not friends. I hate this and I hate them. This city's exhausted and it's wound up soon to be a place that's just filled up. And I found out that you're angry and you're sorry you ever met me
  12. We Didn't Do It
    We didn't do it for the money, for the last time
  13. Fix You Up
    What I wanted most was to get myself all figured out
  14. I Can't Take It
    I've got nowhere to go
  15. Love Type Thing
    Keep your ears wide open for the sound of the door. If they want you, they'll take you, and that is for sure. The sweet humming underground; sleeveless and sore.