1. The First
    I decide to walk the fine line and celebrate life celebrate death I choose to celebrate the first to come the first to go the first to say yes the first to say no. I'm gonna seize this moment.
  2. Frozen
    Imagine you're so far away no matter what you do no matter what you say you couldn't stop the world for a moment in the middle of good-bye. You stop in to say hi is it all right if I say hi It's not far to go it's not far at all
  3. My Number
    Got time to wander to waste and to whine but when it comes to you it seems like I just can't find the time. So watch your head and then watch the ground. It's a silly time to learn to swim when you start to drown. It's a silly time to learn to swim on the way down.
  4. All You Got
    Her confusion is in the night that I stumbled. It's in the morning that I that I struggled. Because I start to forget but she will always remember the kind of girl who laughs and says get up off your knees.
  5. Not with you
    Dressing bad is like loving you. There is nothing I haven't worn.