1. Divided
    I don't want to live my life like a story. Always thinkin' I could've been something. Don't run along side and control me.
  2. Our trees
    If the trees could be lions would they still fall and be tagged? Would they refuse to surrender, refuse to be gagged? If the trees had a mother and a father like mine would they stand up say praise the trees. The trees will be fine.
  3. Come on
    You've got your lights turned so they can see you. The very best of what you've got to offer. Tell them what your hands were made for. Tell them who your mouth was made for.
  4. Freedom
    Standing on the edge of a crisis. We decide to raise our own voices. Consider that the sounds is our own and the fact our feet grow up from the ground. This is where I wanna be. This is who I wanna be So they get my voice but they can they can never get my soul.
  5. Proud
    Freedom and blood I make my mark and fight for tomorrow. Finally I've got something. Something I can raise my voice for.
  6. More For Me
    I got a picture of the way. The world has summed me up If I could have one wish I sure wish that I had never grown up.
  7. Hype
    There's more there's more than blood that beats through my heart my hands my feet stuck between my tongue and my teeth
  8. Clever Meals
    I'm stripped and vital and I see rules that almost fit. And if I voice my opinion will you stay and sit. And as I stand here screaming in despair I say yes this is my life and yes you should care
  9. This is Everything
    No I'm not aware of how I could possibly love you without aching
  10. Heavy
    Fashion isn't dead. No it's just inside out
  11. Welcome Home
    The night still confuses me. We'd all get tired and have to sleep eventually regardless of the sun's demands regardless if it made much sense
  12. Superstar
    Fear is the color you've all exposed. Now I gotta get up here and prove the importance of my clothes of my pose I suppose again