Not sure if these are LA-specific or nationwide but they are very cool ✌🏼️
  1. Not using your turn signal ever
    This is a really badass move that lets everyone else know who's boss. Switching lanes? Pulling over to look for parking? Making a right or left turn? Keep it a mystery bc mysteries are very cool
  2. Leaving your turn signal on forever
    Also a power move. It's like "what's he gonna do next??" Very edgy, very cool.
  3. The 3-second delay after the light turns green
    When everyone stares off into space/sends a quick email/has engine failure? It's cool bc we're spending this time together
  4. Not getting out into the intersection to make a left turn ORRRR slowly creeping through the green turn arrow so that it becomes yellow and then disappears and you're the only car that made it
    Very cool bc we're all here to support each other and those honks are cheers 🎉🎊🎈
  5. Generally driving with no sense of urgency
    Cool bc a) it's the journey, not the destination and b) it's like the movie Speed kinda! Except if we hit 35mph......💣💥🔥
  6. Parking in the middle of a huge spot so that no one else can fit
    This is like putting your dick on the table or wearing intimidating fashion overalls. I will admire you but may be afraid to approach you at a party. Very very cool