1. "Wait" aka "The Whisper Song" - Ying Yang Twins
    According to the radio, this song has about 5 words. If someone IRL whispered in your ear and kept pausing/leaving out HUGE chunks of information, you'd be like "YOU ARE BAD AT WHISPERING PLZ GET AWAY FROM ME"
  2. "I Don't Fuck With You" - Big Sean
    This song used to be kinda fun. Now it's on the radio and everything is bleeped out and the whole experience is about as satisfying as shit-talking your ex-boyfriend and then realizing that there's nothing really wrong with him, it was just a case of bad timing with you guys and honestly he always had your best intentions at heart and hey, maybe you'll be friends someday down the road and.... [fart noise]
  3. "Doin It" - LL Cool J
    This song manages to be technically not that explicit (not many of the lyrics get bleeped out) but still totally embarrassing. Has there ever been anyone in the history of driving or music who hears this come on the radio and is like "Yes! The perfect soundtrack for my drive to [insert any destination]!"??
  4. I'd like to use this space to acknowledge how funny and gross (and mostly bleeped out) Lil Wayne's verse is on Truffle Butter