And I love it. So cliche.
  1. "Young Turks" - Rod Stewart
    I'm gonna live forever! The night is my blanket! The world is my treasure map!
  2. "The Chain" - Fleetwood Mac
    In the movie of my life, this song plays as I am driving a pick-up truck down a dirt road, away from my home and the man I once loved, into a vast, uncertain future. It's probably raining.
  3. "Hold On, Hold On" - Neko Case
  4. "We Run This" - Missy Elliott
    I'm wearing a white suit, maybe have my hair slicked back like Trinity in the Matrix and am just generally being a pimp.
  5. "Water in Hell" - Broken Social Scene
    I'm in a dive bar in a place far from home (possibly Texas or a plains state) and have struck up an unlikely friendship with one of the locals. Earlier in the movie, my heart gets broken and my whole worldview shattered and this plain-spoken, bristly character gets under my skin and teaches me how to live. In the last scene, I realize that he's my only real friend and that it's all about love!!! The smoke detector in the bar goes off, triggering the sprinklers. Everyone dances. We are free.