Summer Hikes (PNW and Cali)

I'm spending the summer in Seattle and trying to become an outdoorsy person! There's tons of awesome hiking trails here, so I'm trying to do a new one every weekend. Here's a log of what I've done so far:
  1. Rattlesnake Ridge
    One of the most popular and touristy hikes, because of the incredible scenic view on top. Roundtrip: ~4 miles
  2. Poo Poo Point
    Have to admit, partially did this hike because it was hilarious to tell my friends "I'm going to Poo Poo tomorrow". Did this one when it was raining so didn't get to see any paragliders! The view was okay, but the hike was pretty tough because it was mostly uphill. The rain made it feel like we were going through a rain forest!! Roundtrip: ~4 miles
  3. Little Si
    This was a super fun hike, we got a bunch of people together to do it! Not too difficult and great view on top. Roundtrip: ~4 miles (this photo is of my friend Josh and I love it so much)
  4. Franklin Falls
    Not so much a hike as a really short walk, but nonetheless, the waterfall view was superb. ~2 miles roundtrip
  5. Rattlesnake (Round 2)
    Did this one again (with my study abroad crew!) It was a lot easier to this the second time around :) took fewer water breaks and less time to go all the way up.
  6. Wallace Falls
    This one was a solid hike, with stops to see the Lower, Middle, and Upper Falls. Roundtrip: 5.6 miles
  7. Muir Woods
    The home of the red woods! Had to cut this one slightly short because of a flight to catch, but nonetheless, great time with great friends!
  8. Mount Rainier
    I did the Skyline Trail to Paradise Point and it was INCREDIBLE. Highly recommend anyone who's spending time in Seattle to check out. Getting an up-close view of Mount Rainier and all its majesty is just so humbling.
  9. Lake Serene
    Last summer hike! Definitely the longest and toughest one. Almost 9 miles roundtrip, and we took the detour to Bridal Veil Falls. The last two miles to the lake were incredibly difficult - very steep, rocky, and a lot of stairs. But the view was amazing! I also jumped in the lake 😎