When you're studying for exams and 8tracks is just on in the background
  1. Wow I didn't know I needed this instrumental version of "Empire State of Mind"
  2. Okay. This is too uplifting. I'm studying securities regulation.
  3. Agh! Who decided to create "music box" versions of Disney soundtracks?!?!
  4. Okay escaped that recurring nightmare of being trapped in a music box
  5. Oh I like this. Okay. We're good to study for a while.
  6. Whyyyyyy must you tell me to follow you on instagram after every other track??
  7. I really just want to listen to the 50 shades soundtrack on repeat
    Hot take: underrated soundtrack
  8. I have achieved nothing
  9. Why am I even in school
  10. Does the world really need another lawyer
  11. Awww! A cello version of Firework!