Books I've Read This Year

New Years resolution was to read more and eat less Chipotle, I'm making good on one of them
  1. Girl in a Band
  2. To Kill a Mockingbird
  3. Wreckage
  4. One Last Thing Before I Go
    Such a great read. I never want to stop reading about Silver's take on life.
  5. We Are Not Ourselves
  6. Unbroken
  7. Yes Please
  8. The Noble Hustle
  9. Doctor Sleep
  10. Paper Towns
  11. The Girl on the Train
    Who done did it?
  12. The Circle
    Can't critique, must keep building my status!
  13. All The Light We Cannot See
    This one is going to haunt me for a bit. Really remarkable story, favorite of the year.
  14. The Golfinch
  15. Modern Romance
    Aziz provides amazing insights on today's dating environment
  16. Hitchhiking with Larry David
  17. The Martian
    Yay! We can live on Mars.
  18. No One Gets Out Alive
    A genius, a sociopath, a poet, Jim Morrison was a force