New Years resolution was to read more and eat less Chipotle, I'm making good on one of them
  1. Girl in a Band
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  2. To Kill a Mockingbird
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  3. Wreckage
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  4. One Last Thing Before I Go
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    Such a great read. I never want to stop reading about Silver's take on life.
  5. We Are Not Ourselves
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  6. Unbroken
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  7. Yes Please
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  8. The Noble Hustle
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  9. Doctor Sleep
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  10. Paper Towns
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  11. The Girl on the Train
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    Who done did it?
  12. The Circle
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    Can't critique, must keep building my status!
  13. All The Light We Cannot See
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    This one is going to haunt me for a bit. Really remarkable story, favorite of the year.
  14. The Golfinch
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  15. Modern Romance
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    Aziz provides amazing insights on today's dating environment
  16. Hitchhiking with Larry David
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  17. The Martian
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    Yay! We can live on Mars.
  18. No One Gets Out Alive
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    A genius, a sociopath, a poet, Jim Morrison was a force