Found some new, discovered some old, all in all a great month!
  1. Lord Huron - Love Like Ghosts
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    Outstanding, little bit haunting
  2. Toro Y Moi - Buffalo
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    Lo fi psychedelic pop/rock if that's a thing
  3. Vic Mensa - U Mad
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    I'm sure Vic is a standup feller, but let's be honest, Kanye's verse is 🔥
  4. The Chainsmokers - Let You Go
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    Just makes you feel really good
  5. Astronauts, etc - I Know
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    Fun fact, this dude plays with Toro y Moi! Small world
  6. Run the Jewels - Bust No Moves
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    Can these two make a buddy comedy already!!
  7. Future Islands - The Chase
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    Fuck these guys are good
  8. Ratatat- Cream on Chrome
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    Hot beat watch out! Stand back
  9. Alabama Shakes - Dunes
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    The Shakes can do NO wrong 🎸 the only woman I love as much as my fiancé
  10. Stromae - Humain A L'eau
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    How am I just finding this guy?! Lost an entire night watching his performances on YouTube
  11. Bon Iver - Babys (Urban Contact Mix)
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    Random Soundcloud remix find of the month.