1. Beer burro - DiMickele/Ehrlich - 2015
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    He's wearing a satchel full of beers!! Gahhhh cuteness overload, must drink and figure out way to steal the donkey.
  2. @GPGuercio 's takeover - Names Unknown- 2014
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    We weren't invited, we stormed the mic, and I'll be damned if that wedding wasn't better off as a result of our rendition of Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold"
  3. Dude who lost his shirt - Enoch/Abrahamson - 2014
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    No one saw this coming, apparently he has a go to song...that he requested...where the shirt comes off.
  4. The time my buddy announced the bride was pregnant and her family didn't know - 2006 (no photo available)
    Nothing takes the wind out of a wedding quite like announcing how excited you are for the bride and grooms newfound expectancy only to realize none of the brides family knows 🙈