1. Foster the People-Torches
    I'm sorry if this album didn't change your life and isn't a staple on your iPod then you probably haven't listened to it yet
  2. Ellie Goulding-Halcyon Days
    She's girl power and the album is full of sing-alongs. Can't want much more
  3. Drake-Take Care
    We all have emotions like Drake, someone of us just let it show more than others
  4. Lana Del Rey-Born to Die(Paradise Edition)
    Because I hate that I love her so much
  5. Taylor Swift-Fearless
    Everyone has one T. Swift album that changed their lives and got them through a breakup or two, this just happens to be mine
  6. Bombay Bicycle Club- So Long and See You Tomorrow
    Who doesn't like groovy music from across the pond?
  7. Coldplay-X&Y
    'Till Kingdom Come singlehandedly made me have faith in love again
  8. Fitz and the Tantrums-More than Just a Dream
    This album got me through so many hours of studying and angst that I couldn't thank it enough