1. A guy working out in flip flops
    Self explanatory. But why.
  2. A guy going so HAM on abs he almost hit his nose with his knees
    I get it summer bod is necessary but your face/nose is important too
  3. A guy eating yogurt while doing a leg press
    You seriously could've eaten in the car or like waited a whole 5 minutes before your workout
  4. A guy doing abs right next to all the hip adduction and abduction machines
    I get it. You want to see girls workout but damn dude be cool
  5. A guy I used to talk to
    I dropped his ass because all he could talk about was crossfit and gave me shit for going to a normal gym. Oh how the tables have turned.
  6. The bouncer of a club downtown who knows me by first name
    It took him one look at my ID to remember my name. Took me 6 weeks to notice. It's cool we are Facebook friends now and I don't pay covers