DC Villains That Didn't Get Asked To Be On The Suicide Squad

DC is known for their "creative" villains. Here's a list of the Suicide Squad B Team.
  1. Mother Mae-Eye
    Mother Mae-Eye's evil goal in life is to get children to like her, and then bake them into pies. Her abilities include mind control and enchanting pastry.
  2. Calendar Man
    He is best known for committing crimes corresponding to holidays and certain dates.
  3. Toyman
    This once boy-genius turned evil-genius has an unhealthy love of toys.
  4. Mister Toad
    It's a man, that's also a toad. Mister Toad.
  5. Professor Pyg
    This man, eh pig, manpig? This villain transforms his victims into Dollotrons, mind-controlled human weapons. He also likes to sing opera.