If We Treated Terrible Customers Like The Children They Are

If you've ever worked in the service industry, you'll understand. I've worked several years now at a local movie theater, and it's taught me many things, but mainly how humans are terrible. Warning: Rant Ahead.
  1. Why is it that when customers are aggressive and demeaning, they get rewarded for it. "We're so sorry, sir. Accept this readmission pass on us for the trouble."
    Good job at making this young female working her way through college cry and hate her life. You win a prize. Don't forgot to come back tomorrow and try again.
  2. What if we treated these grown-ass adults like the babies they really are?
  3. Oh did you throw your candy on the ground because you didn't like it?
    Well, now you have to pick it up.
  4. Can't wait in line for 5 minutes without having a temper tantrum?
    No popcorn for you then. You have to go straight to your movie with no snacks because you need to work on your patience.
  5. Throw your money across the counter because your cashier isn't moving at the speed of light?
    You get a time out. Come back in 10 minutes when you've thought about your actions.
  6. Trying to sneak into movies you didn't pay for?
    Well that's stealing and we're going to have to call your parents.
  7. Curse a manager out for telling you it's against the rules to watch a movie you didn't pay for?
    Go pick a stick from outside for me to hit you with, you evil gremlin.
  8. You had your order and money ready? You said please and thank you?
    Well, good job. You get a reward and a thank you. Please come back tomorrow.
  9. Dear Company, stop letting customers act like toddlers pushing the limits of what they can and can't get away with.
    Employees are worth more than how much crap they can take for minimum wage.
  10. Dear Customers, stop acting like spoiled brats.
    Unless you want to be treated as such.