Basically things that @sam might tell me happened and I would probably respond, "Ugh, that's the WORST." Also the first one just happened to me and I feel simultaneously devastated and incredibly bratty about my sense of tragedy.
  1. A perfectly constructed mason jar salad falls out of the fridge, shattering the jar and destroying your carefully planned lunch
  2. Stepping on a headphone earpiece with a bare foot
  3. Dropping an entire piece of sushi into the soy sauce dish and then it falls apart and you can't get it out and it's just a wad of soy sauce soaked rice and fish
  4. Spotty airplane wifi that will not load any of the pictures on social media
  5. Favorite restaurant now serves only Pepsi products
  6. When people ask a question when they should really #googlethatshit
  7. Being trapped in an office with a person who refuses to treat their cough and just coughs and coughs and coughs all day long
  8. Someone is on your favorite machine at the gym and they just started their workout
  9. When autocorrect refuses to believe that I would write "GONNA" without it being in all caps and I accidentally yell my intentions at people
  10. People doing newborn baby shoots and putting their babies in ridiculous outfits and places
    Get that baby out of that shoe. What's wrong with you. You're the worst.