He is a champion at making faces. I've said it before, I'll say it again: way to go at making the best little human, @abbyzeecee and @donnie.
  1. Pretty much every morning when my alarm goes off.
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    Monkey does NOT like avocado.
  2. When I've had enough of your shit.
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    Throwing shade better than I can since day 1.
  3. When my pants are too tight but I don't want anyone to know.
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    I also look distinctly less cute.
  4. When I get a StitchFix and everything fits.
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  5. When I accidentally like a really old Instagram while creeping on my crush.
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    Oh shit hey there.
  6. When I forget to get coffee before rounds.
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    This kids an expert yawner.
  7. When someone tells me a quality dad joke.
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  8. When someone brings me breakfast in bed.
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    It's a mix of wonder and adoration.
  9. When I pulled into the parking lot for Trader Joes and realized there was a Costco there too!
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    I loved that shopping center as much as the Monkey loves airplanes.
  10. When I'm like, I'm skeptical, but go on.
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    First smiles, filled with dubiousness.
  11. When I think I hear or see an animal in my house.
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    Not a Monkey though. I'd be pumped about that.