Limited myself to ones written more than 2 months ago, because I figure that's around where you'd get bored looking through my Listory. Really I just want you all to read the first one.
  1. A Comprehensive Catalogue of Rain In Taylor Swift Songs (THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS I HAVE EVER DONE)
  2. Classic Literary Jerks I Would Likely Date Despite Obvious Red Flags
  3. Band Names That Are Also Excellent Ways To Refer To Your Private Parts
  4. What Pediatricians Wish They Could Say to Parents
  5. Advice I Wish I Did Not Personally Know To Be So Important
  6. Cheesy Shit I Love Saying
  7. Things That Are Only Okay When You Do Them ➕
  8. Pediatrics Schtick
  9. Types of SVU Episodes, Illustrated
  10. Feels Illegal