Presented without backstory, or the face I think of with each. Sorry for the morbidity; this is what came to mind last night after I added #1 to the list.
  1. Always, always think of your child before getting out of your car on a hot day.
  2. If you say no, and you mean no, and you can leave, you should leave.
  3. Tide pods look exactly like candy to children.
  4. When someone tells you they don't want to be in a relationship with you, believe them (no matter how much they love you and you love them).
  5. An infant needs their own space to sleep, whether attached to their parents' bed or their own crib.
  6. It's best to slowly wean off most medications that have been taken on a daily basis, particularly narcotics and anti-depressants.
  7. Never leave a toddler unsupervised near Cup of Noodles.
  8. If you witness a crime, hide the fact that you are calling 911 from the perpetrator.
  9. Anyone who takes care of a child needs to be told not to shake them when they're frustrated -- it's usually a babysitter or family member who does it, not mom or dad.
  10. People are truly awful to one another.