This past month has been full of events that, in isolation, were unconcerning. But in combination with each other, they have raised the titular query of this list. YOU TELL ME.
  1. I'm on a surgical rotation -- fish out of water!
    This past month, I've been acting as the pediatric consultant to the general surgery team (you know, making sure they don't give babies doses of morphine meant for adults). I'm the only non-surgeon on the team and by definition out of my element.
  2. There is a crazy handsome visiting medical student from England on my team.
    He says things like "tip top" and "jolly," has a thick accent, and, often, a man bun. And his name is Angus. (And oh man please don't judge me too hard for my creeper pictures, but @sam needed to see how good looking he is)
  3. Angus' eventual career plan is to do Doctors Without Borders.
    He is the only person I know who has ever said this outside a rom-com (in fact, @jmacvt21's list about rom-com heroine jobs is what inspired me to make this list) . He is leaving to go to Mozambique, a comically far away place that is challenging to get to.
  4. I need a date to an upcoming wedding.
    If ONLY Angus could be convinced to stay.
  5. I straight up walked in on colleagues talking about me (not nicely).
    See point about fish out of water above. #hijinx!
  6. There was a very dramatic incident at work involving an evaluation that was supposed to be anonymous and most definitely was not.
    Within 10 minutes of submitting, I was called into the program director's office. #hijinx!
  7. An engagement announcement made me the only ex of my major ex-boyfriend's to not be married or on the way there.
    Bonus: this was ALSO a pregnancy announcement.
  8. I got asked to be in ANOTHER wedding.
    I mean, it's an honor and I'm happy to do it, but you know.
  9. Pretty much every one of my friends is involved in some kind of life-altering relationship evolution with their significant other.
    An affair, a divorce, an engagement, a baby, moving in together, marriage, best friends with their ex, resisting a serious relationship. The whole gamut.
  10. I gave my ex advice on his new girlfriend, for whom he is doing exactly what he wouldn't do for me, which was the reason we broke up.
    Because before we dated, we were best friends -- a tale that is a rom-com in itself (bonus points if you pick up on the double parallel of the attached photo).
  11. It was my birthday.
    Everyone knows important things happen on your birthday.
  12. I keep waking up and it's the same damn day all over again.
    At least it feels that way.
  13. Someone made a bet to sleep with me.
    Jkjkjkjk I should be so lucky.