I follow a lot of animal-based things on the interwebs, then save pictures and allow them to inspire me daily.
  1. I mean, first of all, I already do look like this turtle
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    I strive to meet his level of excitement daily.
  2. This optimistically gazing gorilla
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    It's how I imagine myself looking toward the weekend.
  3. Dogtor > doctor
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    Plus I really should wear my glasses more often.
  4. This panda defiantly rolling off the scale
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    I won't be weighed, bitch!
  5. This sneaky animal
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    Trying to perfect an equally adorable face of feigned innocence.
  6. Happily eating my vegetables
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    Even if I FEEL like an elephant.
  7. Giving the best death stare of all time
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    Step the fuck off.
  8. Always
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