The making of this list required me to watch the video like 800 times, which I am zero percent upset about.
  1. Catastrophe/Taylor Swift: assembling the most badass ensemble cast of our generation
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  2. Luna/Ellen Pompeo: rocking a killer high ponytail
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  3. Slay-Z/Gigi Hadid: I think she's the one cutting someone's head off with her mothereffing heel, soooo...
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    Update: this is apparently Zendaya, but I'm giving Slay-Z credit because I'd bet she'd do it too.
  4. Lucky Fiori/@lenadunham: looking like a BAMF
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  5. Justice/Mariska Hargitay: duh, Justice
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  6. Arsyn/Selena Gomez: breaking arms in a swift single motion
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  7. Welvin da Great/Kendrick Lamar: being the only man to hold his own in this cadre of kickass women
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  8. The Trinity/Hailee Steinfeld: cloning herself (is she an X-man?!)
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  9. Dilemma/Serayah: punching walls
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  10. Destructa X/Ellie Goulding: BLOWING SHIT UP
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  11. Homeslice/Martha Hunt: ninja shit
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  12. Mother Chucker/Cara Delevingne: more ninja shit
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  13. The Crimson Curse/Hayley Williams: reappropriation of this term to mean KILLER instead of menstruation
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  14. Cut Throat/Zendaya: killing teddy bears
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  15. Frostbyte/Lily Aldridge: looking hot while very cold
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  16. Knock Out/Karlie Kloss: punching people
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  17. Domino/Jessica Alba: perfect helmet hair
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  18. Headmistress/Cindy Crawford: giving approval
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