Fun facts continued!
  1. Zero glasses of water
    For most of the 6 months of life, plain water is an absolute no-go. Babies can't distinguish well between breast milk/formula and water, and will fill up on water and lose crazy weight. Also, their kidneys stink and all their electrolytes go whacky if they have straight water. Breast milk and formula will keep babies as hydrated as they need to be, even when it's wicked hot out.
  2. One whole piece of food in the poop
    When babies eat new things, they often poop them out WHOLE! It takes a few tries for their gut to learn how to process it.
  3. Two crossed eyes
    It is very normal for newborns to be cross-eyed. They'll grow out of it and until then you can enjoy the faces they make at you.
  4. Three years until kneecaps fully form
    That one's for you, @zoe, @yrfriendrachel, @donnie, @hillarykerr and anybody else whose minds were blown by that fun factoid.
  5. Four is a very good benchmark for the first four weeks of life
    Babies should make at least FOUR wet diapers a day, they shouldn't go more than FOUR hours without eating, a fever is technically 100.FOUR, they only have FOUR jobs: eating, sleeping, pooping, peeing.
  7. Six months is when they're supposed to start eating baby foods
    In reality, a lot of families start earlier, but this is the official recommendation. Babies should try one new food a day (so you can tell if they have a reaction) and even if they don't like a new food at first, try again! Some babies take more than 10 separate tries before they decide to like it. Babies are divas.
  8. 7-8 lbs is the average birthweight for a full term baby
    Plus-minus depending on gestational age (how close to the due date they are).
  9. I do not have a fact for the number 9
  10. Ten unique fingerprints
    There from day one. Baby crimes can be solved this way (there are no baby crimes; I just made that up).
  11. Now I'm just going rogue with the numbers
  12. 20/400 is typical newborn baby vision
    Seriously you guys, they can't see for shit when they're born.
  13. Triple-double weight
    Most babies double their birthweight by 6 months and triple it by 1 year.
  14. 70-80% of women experience a couple weeks of "baby blues" after giving birth
    "That means for every woman who walks out of here feeling like a vessel of life, there are 3 more who are weepy, anxious and miserable. It's okay to feel that way; you're not doing anything wrong." That's my go-to speech at the end of my "Mommy Talk" (I recognize how gendered that is but it's what we call it) for new parents. It often results in tears.
  15. 1,050:1,000 males to females born in the U.S.
    Outnumbered from the start.
  16. One in 2,000-3,000 babies are born with teeth
  17. 10,000 taste buds
    Babies have them all over their cheeks, tongue, palate. By the time we're adults, we only have about half that number and they're almost exclusively on the tongue :(
  18. One to two million eggs in the ovaries at birth
    And that's all a girl will ever have. In fact, more reproductive numbers: by puberty, there will only be a few hundred thousand eggs left, and only a few hundred will even be ovulated (the few, the proud, the mighty). Meanwhile, every teaspoon of semen has a couple hundred million sperm in it. And that's how you make a baby!