Just one of the many ways this show has undue influence on my life.
  1. Lou Diamond Phillips as Victor Paul Gitano
    Not only is he extra creepy, he CUTS OLIVIA. Wtf. #bensonstrong
  2. John Stamos as Ken Turner
    It does not help that every character he plays (including Oikos dream man) is a completely feasible extension of the lothario character (poking holes in condoms) he plays here. PS Olivia's face in this photo is all of us.
  3. Sarah Hyland as Jennifer Banks
    I mean this in the best way possible. "Hothouse" is one of the all time greatest SVUs, with one twist after another (Liv as a Madame! Prodigies! Overdosing on provigil! I can't sleep I don't sleep I never sleep!) and Sarah Hyland acts the SHIT out of it. I'm number one now mom, aren't you proud of me?!?
  4. Shannyn Sossamon as Myra Denning
    I still don't knooooowwww what happppened in that apaaartment and it booooothers meeeeeeee.
  5. Pablo Schreiber as William Lewis
    I watch all SVU reruns as like, beautiful white noise, the soundtrack to my chores and dinner -- except the ones with Pablo Schreiber. What in the actual fuck with this story line, SVU. You are a procedural. Catch the bad guy, put him away, and absolutely do not allow him to terrorize the main character. Especially without Elliot to protect her. Jesus. #bensonstrong
  6. Ludacris as Darius Parker
    I honesty can not listen to Luda's music because of what he did to the SVU department just because he was pissed to be the product of incest/rape. Yo bro, that ain't Finn's fault. You're a life ruiner.
  7. Rosie Perez as Eva Santiago
    I don't know why this particular role stuck with me so much. Maybe it's the knife wielding attack? What a huge bust they make as a result of her undercover op? Her meltdown on the stand? I dunno. I respect her passion.
  8. Jesse McCartney as Max Matarazzo
    This role is INSPIRED. #fath
  9. Clea Duvall as Mia Latimer
    It's extremely hard for me to get this image out of my head. In my mind, this backdates too, so she is still Mia Latimer in Girl, Interrupted. Which actually makes a ton of sense.
  10. Ellen Burstyn as Bernadette Stabler
    Oh I'm sorry, is Elliot's mom in other TV shows or movies or something? Good for her, overcoming her mental illness!