Never gets old.
  1. "Guess this is the local!" when on an elevator that stops on every floor.
  2. "Maybe they fired me!" when my ID card doesn't work the first time on a swipe door.
  3. "Oh, it's some puppy yoga!" when a dog stretches into downward facing dog.
  4. "Ugh that was terrible! I hated it!" when a waitress clears my empty plate.
    Shout out to @Marc, who reminded me how much I love saying this with his list, and inspired me to write this one.
  5. "Looks like we're all members of the clean plate club!" when we all enjoy our meals.
  6. "Oof, my eyes were bigger than my stomach!" when I order too much food.
  7. "Couldn't be much nicer out, yah?!" when the weather is lovely.
    Also applicable in reverse when it's crappy out.
  8. "I guess it's free!" when the cashier can't find a price tag.
    H/T @TT!