I am a doctor.
  1. Deep Sea Thought
    There was a lot of Moby Dick in this one. Also it was excellent.
  2. Earth, Moon, and Planets
    Affectionately known as Stars and Rocks for Jocks.
  3. Blacks and Jews
    This is a real class.
  4. Law and Disorder in Early Modern England
    I took this class almost solely because Law and Order was in the title.
  5. Children's Literature
    This was as wonderful as it sounds.
  6. Karate
  7. Hiking
    We had to take a certain number of PE credits.
  8. Modern Comparative Fiction, twice, with the same teacher
    To be fair, one was a lecture class and the other was a seminar my senior year that I may have attended a bit tipsy more than once.
  9. Parody, Plagiarism, and Postcolonialism
    This class was taught by a professor whose last name was Slaughter.
  10. Beyond the Solar System
    Affectionately known as Stars and Rocks for Jocks 2.