Just because I went to med school doesn't mean I drank all the kool-aid.
  1. Nipple confusion
    Oh man, the term that spawned a million crying babies. If it works for you, then you live your life. But I can not condone torturing already exhausted new parents by claiming their babies will get "confused" by a plastic nipple versus a human one. 😐
  2. Rule of 3s
    Nothing, including deaths and weird conditions, comes in 3s. They just keep coming.
  3. Dismissing homeopathic/complimentary/alternative medicine as hocus-pocus.
    Honestly, half our "modern" medical treatments were born of homeopathy. The human body is a bonkers mystery, we don't know how everything works, so if cupping, herbs, energy healing, crystals, whatever makes you feel better or healthier, WHY would I, as a doctor, tell you to stop? That being said, carrots don't treat cancer. Don't be dumb.
  4. Wearing white coats
    Useful for pockets only.
  5. Black clouds
    This is the notion that one person has loads of bad luck and the sickest patients always come in during their shift or die while they're there. It's been statistically disproven and it always seems to be the most dramatic people who claim to be a black cloud. Everyone has runs of bad days and good days, it just depends how you weigh them.
  6. Flossing
    I hate flossing almost as much as I hate zucchini.
  7. Medication expiration dates
    Notable exceptions: some antibiotics, aspirin. @daniel, real talk, how bad of an idea is this?