Say what you will about my taste (which was admittedly poor -- I was also rocking a lot of butterfly clips at this point in my life), but I was a DECISIVE middle schooler. And wow, as I finish this list, very opinionated.
  1. Team Pacey
    😍 like Pacey and anyone, really
  2. Team Backstreet Boys
    Maaaay have picked the losing team here.
  3. Team Red Sox
    Still the case because I was fucking raised right and Yankees suck.
  4. Team Britney, part I
    No genies for me, thank you very much.
  5. Team Cucumber Melon
    Only the most delicious B&BW scent there is.
  6. Team Nick Carter
  7. Team Dawson's Creek
    GTFO, One Tree Hill.
  8. Team Brandy
    I hope you now have The Boy Is Mine stuck in your head too, you are WELCOME.
  9. Team xanga
    So much more emo and hipster than livejournal.
  10. Team Mark McGuire
    Until it became more clear that he was juicing, then Team Sosa. Teen me had a sense of righteousness.
  11. Team Britney, part II
    Justin, how DARE you.
  12. Team JC Chasez
    Likely related to the above.
  13. Team mechanical pencil
    V important to me.
  14. Team Whoever Is Feuding With Paris Hilton This Week
    Never Team Paris.
  15. Team Shaq
    I dunno, Kobe always struck me as cocky. This was a really big deal in LA.
  16. Team Lindsay Lohan
    I was very into red hair and didn't like Lizzie McGuire, I think? I feel most guilty about this one.
  17. Team Ricky Martin
    So. Dreamy. Not into the mole.
  18. Team KIIS FM
    I mean, probably fairly obvious from this list that I wasn't listening to a lot of KROQ.
  19. Notably no opinion on Tupac and Biggie.