Requested by @mianguyen
I know that this may be only interesting to me (as I looove accumulating data about my own daily activities), so I was very grateful for the excuse of a request. Was working on it the day befoooore sharing week, but isn't THAT convenient. So thank you to both @mianguyen and @ChrisK!
  1. Very stereotyped shower order of operations
    Wet hair, shampoo, loofah body while rinsing shampoo out, +/- leg shaving while hair gets less wet, conditioner, face wash while conditioner sits, wash face off, rinse hair. Wrap hair in a towel, body in another towel. Put on deodorant. Dry body with towel, hang it up. Then hang up hair towel on top hook.
  2. Personal parking strategy
    Always drive up to the fourth floor of the parking garage, preferentially on East side, very preferentially in the second row, and 100% ideally in the last 6 spots on the left, Sally's Favorite Spots™.
  3. Looking into the alleyway next to my apartment every single time I walk or drive by, like a dog who once saw a cat
    Just to make sure my homeless prowler friend is not sleeping there.
  4. Phone call to my mom on my drive home from work
    Keeps me in line with calling enough, and is a nice outlet on a tough/great day. I do this every day to every other day.
  5. Fizzy water before bed
    New bottle made as needed to place on the nightstand. (@lilydiamond once told me that is the chicest, most Blair Waldorf thing she's ever heard and I will take that compliment and trot it out in every occasion)
  6. Sneaky FitBit step accumulator
    If I need more steps for the day, I'll call a friend I know I can talk to for hours, then walk in circles in my living room or on my deck while we talk. Boom. Miles.
  7. Sunday AM: early wake up for Farmers Market, with carefully designed plan of attack
    Walk a mile to the FM. Enter North entrance, go to the small side market on the right for peaches/apples, then to the main market. Go right, first buying greens, then iced coffee from the less popular stand. Then round the loop to buy fancy mushroom medley for a million monies, then heirloom tomatoes if available. Finish out with the pickle guys for a big container of half sours, +/- old bay pickles, +/- wasabi pickles. Walk home.
  8. The 1-2-3 face first plant into bed
    Pretty much daily, when I get home, I take off the majority of my clothing and plant face first into bed, then prop myself up on my elbows to dick around on my phone for a while. It's...what I'm doing right now.