I can not think of another movie that so many grown women (and men!) are willing to openly admit they are going to see primarily for the...plot, right? I'm so excited. 💃🏽🍌
  1. Describing the movie as very long.
    Very, very long.
  2. Explaining that the plot was really thick the first time around.
    Really, really thick.
  3. Texting each other #comeagain repeatedly
    They GAVE us this one.
  4. Following up texts to #comeagain by saying "They GAVE us this one."
    Yah they did. 😉
  5. Answering literally any question of actions in the preview of "why is he..." with "why wouldn't he be..."
    Including but not limited to: welding with his crotch; sexy dancing at a gas station; simulating ejaculation with a water bottle; naked; hat dancing in private.
  6. Discussing how the music might swell.
    Hugely, I have to imagine.
  7. Watching the preview on full screen at work at 7AM (without sound, which actually made it funnier).
  8. Complaining that any process having to do with buying the tickets was really hard.
    Really, really hard.
  9. Asking each other when we think we'll be getting off tonight.
    I mean, just for purposes of timing...
  10. Composing a giant email to invite most of the hospital's pediatrics staff to join us and deciding who we probably shouldn't send it to.
    Sending it anyway.