It has not been a jovial few days at work, and like Forrest Gump, that's all I've got to say about that. Olive, however, has been a bright spot (get it, spot???).
  1. Olive is a therapy dog.
  2. Olive is a Dalmatian.
  3. Olive visits the PICU once a week.
  4. Olive was once a puppy.
    I did not know her then.
  5. Olive is very very friendly, but gentle.
  6. Olive wags her tail a lot.
  7. Olive helped a very sick little girl walk down the hallway yesterday.
  8. Olive has the softest fur that I have ever felt.
  9. Olive has her own photo album on Facebook.
    Where I cribbed some of these pictures. Not the least bit sorry for online stalking a dog.
  10. Olive gets very tired after therapizing all the kids.
    This fact courtesy of the caption on her Facebook picture.
  11. Olive is always happy to say hello.
  12. Olive does not mind if you cry on her.