It has not been a jovial few days at work, and like Forrest Gump, that's all I've got to say about that. Olive, however, has been a bright spot (get it, spot???).
  1. Olive is a therapy dog.
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  2. Olive is a Dalmatian.
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  3. Olive visits the PICU once a week.
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  4. Olive was once a puppy.
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    I did not know her then.
  5. Olive is very very friendly, but gentle.
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  6. Olive wags her tail a lot.
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  7. Olive helped a very sick little girl walk down the hallway yesterday.
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  8. Olive has the softest fur that I have ever felt.
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  9. Olive has her own photo album on Facebook.
    Where I cribbed some of these pictures. Not the least bit sorry for online stalking a dog.
  10. Olive gets very tired after therapizing all the kids.
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    This fact courtesy of the caption on her Facebook picture.
  11. Olive is always happy to say hello.
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  12. Olive does not mind if you cry on her.
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