1. Scrooge McDuck diving into his vault of gold.
    Endlessly useful imagery. Has definitely been used in a previous list by yours truly.
  2. That open arm, bobbing as dancing thing from the Backstreet Boys music video for I Want It That Way.
    Especially if there's a boy band song playing.
  3. "You're a virgin--who can't drive." Generally in very close proximity to: "Ugh, that was way harsh, Tai."
    It is alarming how frequently I find these 2 phrases useful.
  4. "Welcome to earth."
    Punching motion.
  5. Any time someone says, "Let's get down to business," finishing it with, "to defeat--THE HUNS."
    With accompanying arm motions to show I am breaking the pots (the arm motions are crucial to this reference).
  6. "If you jump, I jump."
    Frequently used while hiking with a friend, or at a pool, or really anywhere.
  7. Any and all of the examples from That Don't Impress Me Much.
    Okay so you've got a car okay so you're Brad Pitt okay so what do you think you're Elvis or something okay so you're a rocket scientist.
  8. The relative value of slammers when playing Pogs.
    Or how they were inexplicably always gendered toward boys.
  9. "Lieutenant Dan! You got new legs!" Or "Lieutenant Dan, iiiiceee creeeaaammm."
    How does almost nobody know what I'm talking about when I say this?? (Except @donnie of course)
  10. Phil and Lil.
    Solid comparison point for any twins.
  11. Sailor Moon's (and/or Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Pluto, etc) transformation sequence.
    Very similar to how I get ready to go out at night. In that I look very similar to my daytime outfit but I put on a tiara.
  12. Andie McPhee dying her hair brown and going nuts out of nowhere on Dawson's Creek.
    This was oddly formative for me.
  13. Pepper Ann's theme song.
    I'm really sorry if you know what I'm talking about because I just got it as stuck in your head as it permanently is in mine.
  14. The "Two-Two" chapter of the Baby-sitters Little Sisters series.
    Both in content and in concept (whenever something is needlessly reviewed frequently).
  15. Cam Jansen saying "click" to activate her photographic memory.
    Tbh this is the one I use the most and nobody ever gets it.