From your friendly ListApp pediatrician. I can't tell if this information is boring or not, but it's what I got to offer so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  1. Babies get acne, like on the reg.
    There are tons of rashes that newborn babies get that are completely normal and go away without any intervention.
  2. Baby poop is often green because of the iron in formulas or vitamin drops.
    Other reasons too, but this is usually why.
  3. Frozen mini bagels make excellent teething rings.
    They're cheap, and self-cleaning!
  4. If you run your finger down one side of a newborn's back, they will shift their butt that way, every time.
    It's actually a reflex (the Galant reflex) and a pretty cool party trick. Lasts until about 4-6 months of age.
  5. As long as we're going down the reflex road, if you turn a baby's head to the side, the arm on that side will go straight out, while the opposite arm bends at the elbow.
    This is called the Fencers reflex, for obvious reasons if you put a sword in the baby's outstretched hand. But also, please do not put a sword in a baby's hand. That is unsafe.
  6. Babies' heart rates are about double that of adults.
  7. Newborn babies can barely see anything other than light or dark, but as their eyes begin to develop and see shapes, they can best focus about 12 inches away.
    Luckily, for most people, this is about the exact distance of sticking a baby's butt in your elbow and laying their body over your arm so you can support their head. Then they can see your beautiful face and learn to love you.
  8. If you put the baby in that position and sway your body in a twisting motion in a dim room, they almost always open their eyes.
  9. Newborn girls often get a period.
    And lactate (even boys)! All normal!
  10. Babies have no knee caps.
  11. Babies can not taste salt until about 4 months of age, which is also when their kidneys can start processing it.
    Nature, you so crafty.
  12. Walkers do not help babies learn to walk earlier, and in fact probably delay it. Mostly babies just like to be upright and bouncing. Also they are death traps.
    Speaking as someone who walked herself right down the basement stairs.
  13. All babies are born with blue or gray eyes.
  14. Your (clean) pinky finger is as good as a pacifier.
  15. Babies don't cry tears until they're about a month old.
    They're not faking it, they just don't make sad tears.