True Life: I'm Addicted to Costco But I Live Alone
  1. Brussel Sprouts
    These suckers last forever and if they start getting black on the ends, you can just cut that part off.
  2. Cucumbers
    The long ones that double as a sword and are wrapped 8 times in cellophane. Not the adorable little mini ones. Those go bad in like 3 days.
  3. Butternut squash
    This is also just one of the best vegetables to buy, period. So versatile! @gabimoskowitz has a wonderful list of all the things you can do with it (that I screenshotted months ago 😬).
  4. Spaghetti squash
    Spoiler alert: it tastes nothing like spaghetti.
  5. Really, all gourds
    Did you know that cucumber is technically a gourd?
  6. Beets
    Fun fact: Betanin is the protein that makes your pee/poo red. It is used in lots of other foods (ie tomato paste, breakfast cereals) to make stuff red.
  7. Baby carrots
    This requires a callous disregard for expiration dates but I have yet to die from it soooo I think it's fine.
  8. Sweet Kale Salad Mix
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    I don't know how but that shit stays good forever.
  9. Celery (h/t @gwcoffey)
    Just stick it in a plastic baggie with ice cubes and even if it's dead, you will zombie it and it comes back to life.
  10. These Magic Bags
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    These make vegetables last for weeks and weeks in the fridge! It has been a total game-changer for me. I bought them in bulk on Amazon, they are reusable, they kind of last forever. (Just like your veggies!)
    Suggested by @maya