Please teach me more.
  1. Scritchy, as per @zoe
    This is perfect: "that special feeling of combined grumpiness/irritation/rage/boredom/need to be squeezed/amusement/crankiness."
  2. Crotchamole
    My brother dropped avocado on his lap while eating a sandwich.
  3. Puffalope
    One of those bubble-wrap Manila envelopes. I saw this one on the Internet!
  4. Wah gwan
    It means what's going on? in Jamaican Patois. Thanks, Obama (literal use)!
  5. Listory
    A record of all the lists someone has made. "Check out Sally's listory, she has made some great lists!"
    Suggested by @elooto
  6. Butt hurt
    She's butt hurt we ordered wine before she got there. He liked her Facebook photo but not mine and I'm butt hurt about it.
    Suggested by @sam
  7. Spectatoring (thanks @ouizoid!)
    "The act of looking at yourself as if from an outside and very hostile perspective. You hate you and judge you. You are scathing in your self attacks."