There are definitely more but I have apparently blocked them from my immediate memory.
  1. Erewhon
    The first I heard of this store was on this app and thought the list writer was cutely saying "everyone" like when I say "errybody." I have blocked from my mind whether I actually posted a comment to that effect and deleted it after reading all the rest of the comments and being like WHOOPS or if I caught it before hitting publish.
  2. DTLA
    Could not figure out why people were explaining locales this way. Did not understand it on signs. Down to....loll about? Do Try Love Again? A hip new club? No, Sally. Downtown LA. You're an idiot.
  3. Michael Star shirts
    I famously asked a mean girl who stated she hoped to get many of these for her bat mitzvah whether she meant Stars of David. Brutal.
  4. A BJ
    After a merciless teasing session from the back row of the bus, I sheepishly asked my mother what this meant in 7th grade. After kindly explaining (as our parents always did around taboo topics), she informed me that not everyone did that and I NEVER had to. Completely understandable, as I was 12, but cmon mom. I think we both know better than that.
  5. Fetty Wap
    I thought this meant masturbation. I am going to keep the rest of the discovery convo to myself, but you can imagine.
  6. When my best friend described something as a GU problem, meaning geographically undesirable
    But I thought she meant genitourinary and I got myself all into bossy doctor mode and was like what's the problem we can solve it medicine can conquer all blahblahbah.
  7. Postmates
    Also learned from this app. Saw someone talking about Postmates and how celebs used it and was like WOW YOU CAN SEND YOURSELF KFC THROUGH THE MAIL? And immediately looked into it and realized my mistake. The embarrassing discussion is happening right now with me telling you about it.