Requested by @mianguyen
  1. Get a fancy Italian olive oil
  2. Put it on good bread or pasta
  3. Fall in love with the flavor of good olive oil
  4. Find an olive oil "tasting room" near you
  5. Give yourself permission to spend an inappropriate amount of money and time there
  6. Optionally pair this activity with wine tasting
  7. Have an owner show you around or show yourself around
  8. Taste the olive oils and vinegars alone or with bread
  9. Make delicious combinations of things
    Walnut olive oil and peach white vinegar! Lime olive oil and fig balsamic!
  10. Obtain one flavorful olive oil for eating plain old over tomatoes or on a carbohydrate
    Mine is from an olive orchard in Paso Robles, CA because I used up all my Italian ones.
  11. Obtain one vinegar for making a syrup to pour over cake or ice cream, I recommend a balsamic variety
    Mine is espresso balsamic.
  12. Obtain one olive oil that is citrusy for making salad dressings and over pasta
    Mine is lemon.
  13. Obtain one vinegar that is fruity, to mix with the citrusy olive oil and make a bomb salad dressing or mix with fruit
    Mine is pomegranate balsamic.
  14. Obtain one olive oil that allows you to be more lazy and not put in spices, like cayenne or rosemary
    Mine is basil.
  15. Obtain one vinegar that smells amazing
    Mine is white lemongrass mint.
  16. Obtain any others you think you probably need to survive
  17. Every time you cook, eat a salad, prepare a nice dessert, delight in your options
  18. Make all your food look and taste more high class
  19. Tell me all about it so we can compare notes
  20. Also, definitely buy some truffle oil and put it in your Easy Mac
    It's budget as hell, but it does the trick.