I just became an aunt! My brother just became a dad! About 9 days ago! Yesterday was a big day!
  1. Telling the mohel, "Keep the tip" when you pay him
  2. Texting 🍌🔪 to your entire family to see how it went
    I definitely did this. And my brother definitely responded: 👍😬😭🍷👶
  3. Announcing that you got there by the skin of your...(long pause) (if people aren't groaning, you did it wrong)
  4. Going for a high five after it's done and saying, "Give me some skin!"
  5. Also telling the mohel, "Just take a little off the top..."
  6. Mentioning that you would have hired a different mohel, but he just couldn't cut it.
  7. Complain loudly how the Goldbergs used the same mohel but somehow got 'half off'
    Suggested by @TaddyJ
  8. The fact that the title of this list makes it seem like it's about my brother, which is very amusing to me.
    But also inappropriate because he is so concerned about his newborn and doesn't think these jokes are funny anymore. It's very sweet.