The most perfect character in Pitch Perfect. Her absence in Pitch Perfect 2 may be its only flaw.
  1. [Silence]
    I'd like to remind you that she says NOTHING as she keeps this expression steady while Beca fumbles her way around Kimmy Jin's English speaking capabilities.
  2. [Silence]
    Then Beca's dad introduces himself and she remains silent, same expression, as she constructs her brass tree.
  3. "No."
    Her response to Beca claiming "Kimmy Jin is my friend." #neverforget the best single syllable shade of all time. She doesn't even turn around. It makes my heart swell.
  4. "The white girl is back."
    Doubles as a phenomenal cock-block.
  5. "They've been here for hours."
  6. "It's a real inconvenience, BECA."
  7. "Happy Spring Break."
    That's how you know Beca is really being an asshole, Kimmy Jin is nice to her.
  8. That's it. That is all. But is any more needed?
    Answer: no.