Basically I just want an excuse to say these things.
  1. Movie Quotes To Defuse Any Tense Situation
    1. "I don't want...YOUR LAYF" -Varsity Blues
  2. Favorite Viral Memes
    1. IKEA Monkey
  3. Underutilized Excellent Descriptors
    1. Daffy
  4. Questions With Far Reaching Consequences
    1. Are those lines on coffee pots accurate? If so, did I really drink 6 cups of coffee this morning?
  5. Incredibly Misleadingly Named Foods
    1. Red Delicious (shout out @gabimoskowitz who recently shared a similar sentiment and made me feel less alone in this world)
  6. Obvious Things I Was Confused About (And When I Figured Them Out)
    1. DTLA is Downtown LA (5 minutes prior to making this list)