Trust me, I have looked (I'm actually begging you to prove me wrong).
  1. Every pun made on Law and Order: SVU
    Organized by the point in investigation it was used: discovering the body, discovering mode of crime, squad room discussion, finding out just who the victim REALLY is, identifying the suspect, bringing in the suspect, interrogation, court room, outside court room smack down talk, jail visits, conclusions.
  2. Like a million more about Orphan Black
    It's just that it's a really list-able show and there are very few lists about and I want there to be more. (Shout out to @RachelPologe, but I can't read yours yet because I haven't seen season 3 finale so it has to wait)
  3. Brands that use dogs to sell things that are not for dogs
    Because I would like to rank their efficacy.
  4. A daily list of important and/or relevant news headlines with brief, easy to understand, synopses
    I understand that this is what The Skimm aspires to be, but 1. They take off weekends and holidays, and if I had off weekends and holidays, I wouldn't need something like The Skimm 2. They make cutesy jokes about the news via cryptic links and I have no clue what they're talking about because I don't know what's going which is why I get the damn email in the first place 3. They repeat themselves a lot.
  5. Ranked list of every MLB stadium's hot dogs (not food, not fancy toppings on hot dogs, just a comprehensive ranking of the simple hot dog with appropriate toppings)
    This is very important to me.
  6. Where you will be ridiculed for using toppings that are acceptable elsewhere
    List desire born out of preservation after conspicuously putting ketchup on my hot dog at a Chicago baseball game and incurring astounding wrath for a hot dog topping. I suffered so you would not have to. But in talking to other people, I heard similar stories about pickles, mayo, hot sauce (general rule, cool in the south, not cool anywhere else, but STILL a list would be nice).
  7. Cataloging of every use of rain in Taylor Swift's songs
    JUST KIDDING I MADE THAT LIST WHILE THIS ONE LANGUISHED IN MY DRAFTS. FYI TSwift references rain 59 times in her complete discography.
  8. Side note, in looking up hot dog stuff for this list I came upon this link of Hot Dog Facts from the NATIONAL HOT DOG AND SAUSAGE COUNCIL because apparently that is a THING and it is chock-a-block full of amazing facts:
    This is almost as good as finding any of the above lists. There is also a not to be missed brochure. And a quiz. And a corny joke. I love this website.