(Also I'd like recognition for not calling this list "I wanna know what love is" and then just sneaking in lyrics from the song because it was a real struggle for me)
  1. The smell of my dad's hands (always garlic and onions from cooking)
    Both from the expression of love via food, and from the memory of his hand coming to my mouth as a sick child when I started to throw up in bed.
  2. A foot rub
    You just gotta really love someone to touch their feet voluntarily.
  3. A tight squeeze and deep sigh of contentment of a partner finding me in bed in the middle of the night
  4. Parents crying proud tears at a graduation
  5. A text message that says "you're my best friend" after getting off the phone with my best friend
  6. Children reaching for a parent and burying their head in their shoulder after shots
  7. The building anticipation after something outstanding has happened and you can't wait to tell one certain person
    And telling them only expands your joy.
  8. The itching impatience when the plane has landed but you don't see them yet
  9. My friends fiancé who turns on the white noise machine for her before he leaves for work when she's on nights because he knows it helps her sleep better
    And sometimes she forgets to do it.
  10. A shirt damp with someone else's tears and snot
  11. Mother and father of the bride slow dancing alone and happily talking while everyone else was hitting the buffet
    With soft barely danceable music in the background.
  12. Coming over to my house just to do my hair when my arm was broken
  13. Knowing that my mom will step out of any event just to talk to me on the phone
    No matter what.
  14. A mutually long, tight hug
  15. Leaping up to hug the doctor when they give you the most minuscule good news about your child
  16. When my friends asked the rabbi if it was okay that to kiss mid-ceremony after each of their hand written vows
    Honestly, they were gonna do it anyway.
  17. The instinctive hand grab and squeeze when nervous
  18. A little girl in a formal dress and a suit jacket a billion sizes too big
  19. The bewildered and awed way that parents look when you hand them their baby for the first time
    It feels like bragging to write this one because it's such a distinct privilege to be present for that much love.