I went with trade names because they sound more ominous. @daniel, your expertise is needed here.
  1. Prevnar
    The pneumonia vaccine.
  2. Macrobid
    Antibiotic, often used to treat urinary tract infections.
  3. Argatroban
    A blood thinner (which, to be fair, could be a super villain power).
  4. Crestor
    Cholesterol lowering drug.
  5. Zyvox
    Super powerful antibiotic.
  6. Halcion
    Anxiolytic (like Xanax).
  7. Mekinist
  8. Bydureon
    Diabetes medication.
  9. Caverject
    A vasodilator (a classy way of saying its a version of Viagra 😉).
  10. Xylocaine
    Anesthetic (@AlexandraLouise, this ones for you!)
  11. Geodon
  12. Osphena
    Menopause treatment (didn't forget you, @TT!)
  13. Rapamune
    Immunosuppressant (also a possible super villain power).
  14. Refacto
    A medication that helps blood clot for hemophiliacs.
  15. Synagis
    An antibody that protects against a really bad respiratory virus (RSV), especially in infants.
  16. Oxecta
    Narcotic pain medication (aka the good shit).
  17. Blincyto
  18. Xarelto
    Blood thinner
    Suggested by @TT
  19. Zofran
    Anti-nausea (sounds kind of like a superhero though)
    Suggested by @daniel
  20. Yasmin
    Birth control (I could see her as like a catwoman-esque leader of a group of supervillians--The Nuvaring)
    Suggested by @daniel
  21. Hycodan
    Cough syrup
    Suggested by @daniel
  22. Zithromax
    Antibiotic (another superhero?)
    Suggested by @daniel