Not quite enough to propel you into Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Day territory, just to throw you off balance and additively, make you question whether you ought to quit now.
  1. Wake up with all your bed materials on the floor
    You're not cold or anything, but you're very exposed. Why don't you have a blanket? Who knows.
  2. Mix up your personal shower order
    Mine is shampoo, loofah body wash while rinsing hair, optional letting hair dry a bit with leg shaving, hair conditioner, let sit while washing face, rinse face, rinse hair. Any other order is blasphemy.
  3. Worse yet, derange the routine
    Forget to wash face. Shampoo twice. Brain computer short circuit.
  4. Cowlick
    Barely noticeable, only to you.
  5. Desired breakfast item unavailable
    Back-up option acceptable, but unexpected. Thought you'd be having eggs? Surprise. It's oatmeal.
  6. Have one item be temporarily out of commission for your outfit, in a small way
    Shirt you planned on wearing with tiny, but undeniable stain. Appropriate undergarments not available for use as needed with article of clothing.
  7. Watery coffee/too strong coffee
    Still drinkable, just not as pleasant.
  8. Miss going through the yellow light when you totally could have made it
    Alternatively, public transportation version: lolly gag a little because it seems like you're not going to make that bus/train and then it sits there for a bit and you probably would have made it if you had kept walking at an appropriate speed but you didn't.
  9. Be 2 minutes late to the meeting
    Not late enough to miss anything at all or make a scene when you arrive, but late enough that everyone knows you're tardy to the party.
  10. Have an unforeseen but minor change to your schedule
    For me, it's a clinic patient I haven't prepared for, mysteriously tacked on to the panel overnight. For you, maybe the report is due at noon, instead of 5 PM. I dunno how real offices work, is that right?
  11. Now your tiny planet is orbiting Jupiter, you are Sandra Bullock in Gravity, good luck with the rest of your day.