They're so unrealistic but they're so great.
  1. A character who had previously been starving or forced to fend for themselves finding themselves at a buffet and looking awestruck
    This is so obvious, but so enjoyable for me to watch. Key example: Castaway
  2. Nonsensical clapping
    When people just start randomly clapping for the main character. Even though that would never happen. Key example: Step Up ("OK Everyone! We're back to the old dance, with Tyler" yayyayayyaa 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽yayayayayaya)
  3. When it says "The End" but then some invisible hand crosses out or erases "End" and writes "Beginning" or something equally cheesy
    Oh gawd I LOVE this. Talk about closure. But you guys, I've been looking for an example of this for HOURS and can't, even though I KNOW it exists and I'm getting kind of upset so please just believe me.
  4. Name chanting (in a non-sporting event)
    Nobody chants names in real life! But I wish they would. Good overlap here with nonsensical clapping. Key example: Save the Last Dance ("Sara! Sara! Sara!")
  5. Dance sequences in a non-dancing movie
    Staple of the late 90s to early '00s teen movies. Prom was made for this. Key example: She's All That (duh)
  6. Blowing up something and calmly walking away
    So satisfying and simultaneously ridiculous (how are they not also blowing up?). Especially good when it involves a criminally hot guy. Key example: Wolverine
  7. Being saved by a rock (close relative to above)
    When there's like a giant wave or an avalanche and this one lone rock saves them. Hahahah sure. Key example: Mulan
  8. Making it work montages
    Ideal over-laying songs: "Taking Care of Business" "Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves" "Working For The Weekend" Key example: First Wive's Club
  9. When an actress/singer has an excuse to sing in the movie
    Not like a musical, like they have to sing as part of the plot. Mandy Moore is queen at this, but I gotta give the key example to my girl Brit: Crossroads.
  10. An alien or foreigner is transfixed by our normal food and can't get enough
    Oh man, I eat this one up (pun INtended). Key example: Thor
    I will watch a movie I don't even like that much solely for the makeover scene. Key example: The Devil Wears Prada, the ultimate case in point
  12. Characters making it onto the cover of magazines
    100% h/t @ChrisK. His key example is Ghostbusters, which is an excellent call. However, my egregiously bad but maybe favorite key example: Maid in Manhattan.