Requested by @A
This list request is basically permission to be a know-it-all and I love it 👍 thanks @A!
  1. You should pee on a jellyfish sting/suck the venom out from a snake bite.
    To be fair, I think most people are skeptical of these to begin with because they're gross, but they DO think they are true. They are definitely not. Put salt water/vinegar/baking soda paste on a jellyfish sting. For a possibly venomous snake bite, keep the area of the bite still and below the heart while you call 911.
  2. If you throw your baby in the pool, they will swim.
    THIS IS A REALLY BAD IDEA. Babies DO have a "swimming reflex" for the first few days of life, where they know to move their arms and legs appropriately in water. But 1) this rapidly disappears and 2) they are not likely to be strong enough or have enough energy to actually swim and 3) THIS IS A REALLY BAD IDEA.
  3. You have to stay up after a concussion or be woken up every hour.
    Not at all necessary nor recommended, frankly. Let your concussed friend get some rest. BUT if they're also drunk enough to hit their head that hard, I'd advise making sure they're still breathing. That's just common sense.
  4. Babies who are fed fruit first won't eat vegetables.
    Nope. Babies are predisposed to like sweet things, but the order in which they are introduced to food does not at all matter.
  5. Your eyes will pop out if you keep them open while you sneeze.
    Honestly, I thought this one for a while.
  6. Taking your baby outside at night causes colic.
    I get this one a lot. We don't know what causes colic, but it's probably not night time air. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. It's impossible to get pregnant while breastfeeding.
    You definitely can and people definitely do.
  8. If you shock someone with a flat line heart rate, it will save them.
    Using a defibrillator (the actual name of the "shock") only works when people's hearts are...fibrillating, or basically quivering with electric activity. Flatlining, aka asystole, means there is no significant electrical activity. The only thing to do then is CPR (and hopefully MAKE the heart wake up and quiver). Shocking them would do literally nothing.
  9. The pill makes you gain weight.
    For the first few months, you can have a pass and say it's water weight, but after that, nope. The amount of estrogen/progesterone in modern birth control is NOT enough to make you gain weight. The only kind of birth control that can cause weight is depo-provera ("the shot"). Otherwise, people are just gaining weight and blaming it on the pill.
  10. Vaccines cause autism.
    PEOPLE STILL BELIEVE THIS AND IT IS THE MOST FALSE. The "big bad" vaccine that is usually cited (MMR, or measles mumps rubella) is routinely given at 12 months, which is also around when language deficits start becoming obvious. One of the hallmarks of autism is inability to properly communicate. Timing is the only relationship there. All medications and interventions have possible side effects, and it's a risk-benefit analysis. In conclusion to be above claim: