I'm talking songs I didn't like that much until I saw the video, late for school/work because they're on TV, repeated streaming when I was supposed to be productive, sitting through YouTube commercials because I keep refreshing the screen, can tell you the whole plot and all the scandals from Making Of on MTV.
  1. Jeremy - Pearl Jam
    I was a somewhat morbid child.
  2. Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm - Crash Test Dummies
    Ok v morbid maybe.
  3. Cryin' - Aerosmith
    I could not get over the fact that she hooked the damn bungee cord to her belly button ring zomg I still can't owwwwwwwwww
  4. Criminal - Fiona Apple
    Even 11 year-old me understood that this video was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen.
  5. She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5
    For the sole reason that the girl in this went to my high school and that fascinated me. She was voted celebrity look-a-like to Avril Lavigne #lol.
  6. Toxic - Britney Spears
    The online premiere of this video and it's sputtering display on my computer was the first time I realized that my slow internet MIGHT be ruining my life (gimme a break I was a teen) (also I was having a mini sexual awakening to Britney's kiss with that guy I mean YOWZA amirite?)
  7. I Believe In A Thing Called Love - The Darkness
    You guys, I don't think I should have to explain this, but this was not a particularly sober part of my life.
  8. Everytime - Britney Spears
    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I know I have a Britney problem.
  9. Move Along - All American Rejects
    I love me a montage.
  10. Hung Up - Madonna
    Dat ass.
  11. Confessions of a Broken Heart - Lindsay Lohan
    It's like a damn telenovela, I can't stop watching.
  12. Glamorous - Fergie
  13. Ayo Technology - 50 Cent ft Timbaland and JT
    I had a very specific use for this video.
  14. Second Chance - Shinedown
    I'm a sucker for a good story based video. Also I could never figure out why she was doing ballet half naked in the garage and it captivated me.
  15. Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri
    Omg ok so one of my friends from college was in a relationship with a cop who was like really handsome and wonderful and was so perfect he seemed like a Lifetime movie character AND THEN HE WAS because he was actually having a torrid affair with one of her childhood best friends and telling INSANE lies about it and they all found out because this girl's fiancé found the nude photos she had been sexting on CHRISTMAS! Anyway, she's a dancer in this video.
  16. We Found Love - Rihanna
    Said it once (tbh said it a ton of times, including as a medical student to my attending while we were both scrubbed in on a major surgery 😁), I'll say it again. THIS MY JAM.
  17. Blank Space - Taylor Swift
    I love this whole video, but I am especially into the part where she's standing ON the horse. Will watch it every time for that part.
  18. Sorry - Justin Bieber
    I blame the 2015 Thanksgiving Drink Off. This video is incredible.