🎉🎂Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Sally, happy birthday to me! 🎂🎉
  1. •
    Wake up next to someone wonderful
    Do some wonderful stuff (sorry, family members)
  2. •
    Fall back asleep
  3. •
    Be awoken to breakfast in bed
    Ideally some version of eggs, served with potatoes, and a side of berries
  4. •
    Take a shower
    Just a quick rinse so I am ready to charge the day
  5. •
    Walk to coffee shop, get huge iced coffee, and stroll around neighborhood
    Could be further perfected by the inclusion of a dog, or perhaps a dog park
  6. •
    Meet parents and go shopping at Costco
    Plan for around noon, for maximum sample potential
  7. •
    Pick up large Costco birthday cake (half white half chocolate cake, raspberry filling, chocolate frosting) that says, Happy Birthday, Sally!
  8. •
    Share a hot dog, slice of pizza, AND frozen yogurt with my parents
    Thank them for birthing me
  9. •
    Lounge by a large body of water with a group of friends for a few hours
    Beach > harbor > lake > pool > kiddie pool, but all will do
  10. •
    Enjoy a tropical alcoholic beverage + drink umbrella
    We can also eat my cake now
  11. •
    Massage/scrub at fancy spa
    Pre and post-massage/scrub steam room time
  12. •
    Fancy spa shower
    Use 8000 pumps of fancy spa hair care products, shave legs using copious fancy spa shaving cream, luxuriate in robe
  13. •
    While I was out, someone came by and cleaned my house and took out ALL my trash
  14. •
    Get dressed up, but not uncomfortably fancy
    Someone should also brush my hair (because it's my birthday)
  15. •
    Go to a nice restaurant with my favorite friends
    You know who you are
  16. •
    Prix fixe chefs tasting menu, tons of small courses, all with paired wines
    Tasteful candle in my last dessert course (as there shall be multiple)
  17. •
    Make a really good wish
    Nobody sings happy birthday to me in public at any point during this day
  18. •
    Watch a movie on the couch with someone wonderful
    Snuggling, massages, light back circles -- all acceptable adjunctive activities
  19. •
    Good night!
    A few more wonderful things can happen prior to my falling asleep