Requested by @TT
@TT this is an amazing list topic. Thank you, brain, for retaining this information. Extremely useful.
  1. An LL Bean backpack with a monogram of his initials
    With the expansion zipper opened for all his books and worn way too high on his back to be cool omg this was so nerdy and I LOVED IT.
  2. Dad jeans
    Bubble butt.
  3. White sneakers
    Like a nurse.
  4. A gold 22 necklace
    It was his baseball number and he wore it literally everyday. I can't believe almost forgot about this one.
  5. USC shirt/sweatshirt
    He had several he wore in rotation. He really wanted to go to USC. He did.
  6. A smug smirk
  7. One time, a condom on his shoulder
    I think one of his teammates put it there on his way to baseball practice and I saw it when he waved hi while I was at water polo and I was mortified and didn't know what to do and I still think about it all the time.