Of the many things ListApp has given me, True Love is the best. Jk it's food, which is basically my True Love. As @gabimoskowitz astutely pointed out as official launch approaches, recipes ARE lists. Food is made for this format. I chose just one triumph from each of my food follows, but trust that there have been many more.
  1. Early on, I made @mollyyeh's shakshuka and blew everyone's minds at a home cooked brunch.
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  2. Then, @lilydiamond introduced me to NOOTCH (that's what I eventually settled on for a nickname). I put it on almost everything, but especially love it on eggs and salads.
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    I know this is a polarizing topic but I LOVE IT.
  3. After I professed my deep seated devotion to olive oils, @eatthelove taught me to put olive oil on ice cream and I was like this: 😮😍😆
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    Stock photo because it looks way fancier and prettier than mine.
  4. Soon, @molliekatzen published a series about how to properly cook eggs and I achieved my dream of making home cooked sunny side up eggs (I was always too afraid I'd get salmonella).
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    Lookit those magical eggs that would soon find themselves on top of cheese grits.
  5. There is no photograph of what happened when I made @sjinwards' Pasta that @carolineschwartz Would Eat Everyday If Calories Didn't Exist because I am ashamed of myself.
    And my lack of self-control.
  6. Also no photo of @maya's cold brew coffee because I drank it all 😬
    I attribute it to @maya and not Bon Appetit as she (appropriately) credits.
  7. Very recently, as per @gabimoskowitz's instructions, I made cauliflower rice for the first time and topped it with chicken mozzarella meatballs and balsamic glazed shaved brussel sprouts and it was BOMB.
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    Also, per her instructions, I felt extremely virtuous. (This is not an EXACT picture of the meal, but something very similar and I think it's pretty, can I live?)
  8. Tonight, for dinner, I plan to make @carlybee's Quinoa with Feta, Mint, Scallions & Dill.
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    I hope it's kewl for me to also add kale because I am kind of lazy and plan to use this frozen stuff from Costco that gives me and everyone else I know completely batshit crazy dreams. It must be laden with MSG but damn if it isn't good.
  9. And I got lotsa lists by people above and many others 💾'd to make and I will continue to do so but it won't seem as neat as it does in our currently supes exclusive community so thank yooooou errebody for your recipes and foods and ideas and all the True Love.